I am a web designer and graphic designer who has created and maintained many personal sites, as well as sites for small business owners, family, and the large corporation, Dish Network. I started playing on computers when I was three years old, and ever since then, it has been impossible to keep me away from them. I enjoy building web sites and creating various graphics; my favorite being flowers. I have two Associates degrees: one is an emphasis in Web Design (what you see when you visit a site), and the other is an emphasis in Web Development (behind the scenes). I presently work for an internet marketing company called Internet Revenue Specialists : Web Visit Store, where I maintain client websites, report on site statistics like number of visits, conversion rates, and return on investment, and various other tasks.

I enjoy playing online games. My favorites are World of Warcraft and Minecraft. I enjoy the problem solving skills in WoW, and the creative aspects of Minecraft. I’m not a great WoW player, but I have fun. Unless I keep dying - then it’s not as fun.

I have three cats and a bird. My cats are all siblings. I adopted them together in March 2008, and just couldn’t leave any behind. I adopted my bird in April 2009. He was 30 years old at the time, which was older than me. He attached to me very quickly and I knew I was his person. He sings opera when he feels like it, and makes a lot of funny noises. He laughs when other people laugh, when something funny happens, or at the most menacing times when we're watching TV.

I have created a number of web sites over time. At any point, I usually have at least 4 active domains. The one I focus most of my time on is Gaucher’s Chat: www.gaucherschat.com. It is a Gaucher’s Disease social network for patients, care providers, family, and anyone interested in the disease. I decided to create it because when I was looking for a support group, I wasn’t able to find anything that was more personable than an email group. It’s a small community right now, but I hope in time it will grow to all patients with Gaucher’s Disease.


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